February 23, 2018

How to Balance Accuracy and Efficiency: When to use Thermal Simulation, CFD or Both

Simulation software can be a valuable tool in the engineering process by allowing teams to simulate projects early on, enabling users to investigate the effects of various environments and design changes before expensive and labor-intensive prototyping processes....

February 09, 2018

8 Questions to Ask When Building Your Thermal Model

Thermal modeling can be particularly challenging because setting up your thermal simulation can be different every time. Meanwhile, you seek to balance competing priorities within your design. "It should be lightweight! Durable! Affordable!" the list of hopeful attributes is extensive so some compromise will have to occur. You can better decide where those accommodations can be made with an accurate thermal model. ...

March 25, 2016

TAITherm: Powerful Software for Powerful Vehicles

Heavy vehicles, by their very nature, are complicated machines that demand full and often complex thermal solutions.  Because of the type of work these vehicles endure, it comes as no surprise that this particular class presents some unique thermal management issues and distinct challenges when it...

October 20, 2015

When, Why and How to Optimize the Decision-Making Process Using Simulation

As we continue to examine optimization techniques to front load design decisions to achieve competitive advantage, we take a deeper dive into how innovative manufacturers are becoming increasingly adept at eliminating cost, materials, time and waste from design and manufacturing processes. One...

July 17, 2015

Why Using Simulation to Front Load Design Decisions Gives You the Competitive Advantage

The concept of “front loading” is not entirely new to automotive manufacturers, who are becoming increasingly adept at eliminating cost, materials, time and waste from the design process. The industry is at the early-adoption stage of manufacturers (in automotive and other sectors) embracing new,...

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