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Maximizing Electric Vehicle (EV) Range in Cold Weather Environments

A critical aspect of engineering for complex systems is managing designs that must perform under a wide range of combined parameters. An example is designing an electric passenger vehicle’s climate control system. Here we illustrate a state-of-the-art simulation method that vehicle manufacturers employ to maximize their electric vehicle range while keeping customers satisfied with thermal comfort. We explore in this article the past benchmark convection methods of thermal management and challenge that approach with a radiant alternative and estimate the impact on EV range.

Izaak the Elf Solves Santa's Thermal Comfort with Expert Efficiency

“I want them back, Izaak!” cried Santa, blushing slightly at his own outburst and casting a glance at Sven, the electric reindeer. “I nearly froze behind that tin beast and could hardly hold the reins, my hands were so cold.”

Izaak Saves Christmas Again: Simulation Sabotage

“She’s a beauty, Anastasia,” said Santa, running his hand along the smooth lines of Sven, the electric turbine powered robotic reindeer. “I can definitely see the Burt Rutan influence in your design.” Anastasia cast a nervous glance at Izaak, and forced a smile. “This will be our largest ever audience for Sven, and we hope to warm their hearts! Prepare for takeoff,” commanded Santa. “On it!” replied the two elves, as they snapped into action, hitching his sleigh to the battery-powered behemoth.