How OEMs are Now Able to Optimize Durability and Lifetime of Systems and Components

As we continue to explore the concept of Durability (or, “Lifetime”), we have examined how advanced OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are using new technologies to reliably predict the durability of their parts, components, systems and vehicles.

Now that we know lifetime is predictable, the question turns

TAITherm & GT-SUITE, Part 2: Validation of 2012 Volvo S60 Model

In part 1 of our blog series, we explained how TAITherm has been integrated with GT-SUITE for targeted system-level vehicle thermal simulations. HVAC system design and cabin climate comfort is the focus of the first integration of these two industry-leading codes. If you have not reviewed that blog

TAITherm & GT-SUITE, Part 1: Arguably the Fastest Solution to Full Vehicle Thermal Management

ThermoAnalytics and Gamma Technologies are pleased to announce the first phase of integration with TAITherm and GT-SUITE simulation tools. As you may know, TAITherm is our industry-leading thermal analysis code, and GT-SUITE is a multi-physics tool that employs both 1D and 3D methodologies to solve

TAITherm: Powerful Software for Powerful Vehicles

Heavy vehicles, by their very nature, are complicated machines that demand full and often complex thermal solutions.  Because of the type of work these vehicles endure, it comes as no surprise that this particular class presents some unique thermal management issues and distinct challenges when it

Introducing CoTherm: A Better, Faster, More Robust CAE Coupling Solution

You’re familiar with the expression, “You can have it fast, you can have it done well, or you can have it cheap…pick two.”?

Well, thanks to a new tool currently in beta (with an early spring release date), CAE engineers will soon be able to choose all three.