February 09, 2018

8 Questions to Ask When Building Your Thermal Model

Thermal modeling can be particularly challenging because setting up your thermal simulation can be different every time. Meanwhile, you seek to balance competing priorities within your design. "It should be lightweight! Durable! Affordable!" the list of hopeful attributes is extensive so some compromise will have to occur. You can better decide where those accommodations can be made with an accurate thermal model. ...

October 25, 2016

ThermoAnalytics EO-IR Services Overview

Many companies involved in either target detection or design of vehicles, uniforms, and equipment are often at a loss for how to deal with infrared simulation. In many cases they would have the capacity to simulate infrared if they were able to get an initial model setup as a baseline, along with...

August 10, 2015

It's Never too Early to Simulate

As discussed in our July 17 blog titled “Why Using Simulation to Front Load Design Decisions Gives You the Competitive Advantage,” front loading your design process using simulation can provide significant savings. But when can simulation inject the greatest ROI, efficiency and competitive...

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