Cassandra Wagner

Cassandra Wagner

Director of Marketing

Cassandra Wagner fills the role of Director of Marketing at ThermoAnalytics. She joined the team in 2013 and spends most of her time managing projects within the marketing department. She is also heavily involved in the management of the TAI website which includes maintaining SEO, updating content, and tracking analytics. 

Recent Posts

Preventing Thermal Runaway Before it Even Starts

You’ve likely been reading a lot about failures in lithium-ion batteries in recent years: cell phones spontaneously combusting, major aircraft battery fires, electric car batteries catching on fire.

ThermoAnalytics EO-IR Services Overview

Many companies involved in either target detection or design of vehicles, uniforms, and equipment are often at a loss for how to deal with infrared simulation. In many cases they would have the capacity to simulate infrared if they were able to get an initial model setup as a baseline, along with expert guidance.

Plume Modeling with MuSES

Simulation of plumes in infrared bands can reveal significant radiance information, depending on the operational state of vehicles, ships, or aircraft. For example, a plume can increase the size and/or signature of a target significantly.  Imagine a plume rising vertically from the smokestack of a

Camouflage Texture Mapping with MuSES

Camouflage patterns are widely used in military uniform design, as well as to disguise the shape and/or speed of ground vehicles, ships, and aircraft. Analysts evaluating the effectiveness of these patterns should consider the impact of optical surface properties such as solar absorptivity

MuSES & the Human Thermal Extension

ThermoAnalytics' Human Thermal Extension complements our infrared analysis tools, MuSES. There are numerous applications where understanding the infrared signature of a IR signature analysis with Human Thermal Modulehuman is important: from finding shipwrecked boaters in the open sea to designing optimized uniforms, as well as